hotfix ( updated 03-09-2018 )
– Fixed a PHP notice that appeared when using custom button icons in the fullwidth slider module.
* includes/builder/class-et-builder-element.php

version 3.0.106 ( updated 03-06-2018 )
– Disabled modal snap to top shortcut until further notice.
– Fixed Optin Module Success message not being applied custom CSS.
– Fixed a bug when slider’s navigation dots didn’t change the active color according to Slider Controls Color setting.
– Fixed password protected posts/pages sometimes not using custom styles.
– Fixed contact form module’s conditional logic not working properly in certain cases.
– Fixed a bug that would prevent Font Uploader from showing updated custom font list after upload/delete.
– Fixed a warning that could be shown in console after removing a Code Module.
– Fixed the issue when dependent settings has been hidden within Backend Builder in some cases.
– Fixed a warning that could be shown in console loading a page with lot of sections in the Visual Builder.
– Fixed page settings custom CSS which is overwritten by theme customizer’s styling.
– Fixed a Warning sometimes showing in console when using settings search.
– Fixed a bug that caused px value to be added to the button text size option on frontend.
– Fixed the non-working color picker for Underline/Strikethrough color in Backend Builder
– Made drag padding smoother when using percentage units.
– Improve how Elegant Themes account credentials are stored/retrieved on multisite installations.
– Fixed “Blurb Title” Custom CSS selector in Blurb Module.
– Added missing border options for the image within Gallery Module.
– Fixed Pricing Table items live preview in Visual Builder when adding new item
– Fixes the blurb clock icon so it is not cropped in some browsers in OSX 10.13.
– Fixed module shortcuts in grid mode.
– Fixed a bug where drag-padding rows would be laggy.
– Fixed the issue where top and bottom radii of Slider Text Overlay become different in some cases.
– Fixed PHP Notice in Pricing Tables in some cases.
– Fixed Fullwidth Menu Module visual appearance when Rounded Corners setting is applied.
– Fixed video controls used in slider modules from appearing lower in the Visual Builder.
– Fixes an error that could happen when deleting a section with the Modal open.
– Fix an issue in the regular Divi Builder that caused layout imports to fail when using the latest versions of Safari and other WebKit-based browsers.
– Fixed a case where editing Code content could result in losing the HTML markup.
– Improved video background autoplay handling in some web browsers.
* core/admin/fonts/modules.eot
* core/admin/fonts/modules.svg
* core/admin/fonts/modules.ttf
* core/admin/fonts/modules.woff
* core/core_functions.php
* includes/builder/builder.js
* includes/builder/class-et-builder-element.php
* includes/builder/frontend-builder/bundle.js
* includes/builder/module/Blurb.php
* includes/builder/module/FullwidthPostSlider.php
* includes/builder/module/Gallery.php
* includes/builder/module/PostSlider.php
* includes/builder/module/PricingTables.php
* includes/builder/module/Signup.php
* includes/builder/module/SliderItem.php
* includes/builder/scripts/builder.js
* includes/builder/scripts/frontend-builder-scripts.js
* includes/builder/styles/frontend-builder-style.css
* includes/builder/styles/style.css