version 4.4 ( updated 03-05-2020 )
– Added a modal to display a streamlined layers view of every element on your page.
– Fixed “Use The Divi Builder” button hover styles in WordPress 5.4.
– Fixed layout block rendering compatibility on upcoming WordPress 5.4 due to its markup changes on Block Editor.
– Fixed js warning about non-boolean attribute is_specialty_placeholder in browser console.
– Improved Blog module’s compatibility with plugins that rely on the ‘post-load’ event to initialize their JavaScript.
– Fixed the Blog module Featured Image Custom CSS field not working.
– Fixed compatibility issue w/ WooCommerce Product Add-ons.
– Fixed empty Specialty Section item creating from the Library using the New Divi Builder Experience.
– Fixed creating new Fullwidth Module from the Library using legacy Builder.
– Fixed a number of translatable strings missing or using the wrong text domain.
– Fixed Theme Builder section, row, column and module styles affecting wireframe mode of posts displayed via a Post Content module.
– Fix regression that caused spam protection for the Contact Form and Email Optin modules to be ineffective.
– Added Position z-index option to page settings.
– Fixed Scroll Effects re-rendering issues after switching preview modes in Visual Builder.
– Fixed compatibility with the WP Responsive Table plugin.
– Modified the Gallery module to include each image’s Alt Text when defined in the WP Media Library.
– Fixed a PHP notice that could be triggered by some 3rd Party Extensions.
– Fixed issue with Email Optin Module where an empty checkbox field name shows a wrong message related to captcha.
– Fixed PHP notice that occurred when post featured image attachment didn’t exist.
– Decreased recommended max execution time and max input time from 180 to 120 seconds.
– Fixed an issue where top padding was added to the Theme Builder footer in some situations.
– Fixed archive listing pages having incorrect CSS selectors for custom post type listings.
– Disabled custom.js file minification.
* core/components/SupportCenter.php
* core/components/VersionRollback.php
* epanel/custom_functions.php
* functions.php
* includes/builder/class-et-builder-element.php
* includes/builder/class-et-builder-settings.php
* includes/builder/feature/gutenberg/blocks/Layout.php
* includes/builder/framework.php
* includes/builder/frontend-builder/bundle.js
* includes/builder/frontend-builder/helpers.php
* includes/builder/functions.php
* includes/builder/module/Blog.php
* includes/builder/module/Gallery.php
* includes/builder/module/Signup.php
* includes/builder/module/field/Position.php
* includes/builder/module/field/Scroll.php
* includes/builder/module/type/WithSpamProtection.php
* includes/builder/module/woocommerce/AddToCart.php
* includes/builder/plugin-compat/sfwd-lms.php
* includes/builder/plugin-compat/wp-responsive-table.php
* includes/builder/scripts/frontend/scripts.js
* includes/builder/scripts/src/builder.js
* js/src/custom.js